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Virginia State Board of Elections Releases Write-in Presidential Votes

Published on December 17, 2012, by in General.

The Virginia State Board of Elections says the following declared write-in presidential candidates received these votes: Rocky Anderson 76, Jill Reed 14, Sheila Tittle 1, Joseph Glean 4. These results are not posted on the Virginia State Board of Elections’ web page. Some news sources that report vote totals will therefore not be aware of these votes.

4 Responses

  1. Jed Siple

    Yeah yeah how many votes did Hank the Cat get for Senate?

  2. Nick Kruse

    Richard, when will we know if anything interesting happened at the electoral college meeting (such as a vote for Ron Paul)?

  3. Casual Bystander

    I suspect we won’t know the Electoral College votes until they are opened and tallied before a joint session of Congress in early January.

  4. Tom Yager

    #1 Hank got at least 13 write-in votes in the Springfield District in Fairfax County. I know he got at least 2 more in one precinct in the Providence District. I’m not sure about his statewide totals.

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