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Alabama U.S. House Special Election Results

On December 17, Alabama held a special election for U.S. House, First District. Although independent candidate James Hall put up a strong legal fight to win a spot on the ballot, he was not on the ballot. The only two candidates on the ballot were Republican Bradley Byrne and Democrat Burton LeFlore. With a few precincts still not reporting from Mobile County, the vote was: Byrne 32,506; LeFlore 13,989.

When this district had last voted, in November 2012, Jo Bonner, the Republican incumbent, had been the only name on the ballot. He had polled 196,374 votes, with 4,302 miscellaneous write-ins for others.

It is startling that the new member of Congress from the First District was elected with only 32,506 votes, plus the few that remain to be counted. Turnout was exceptionally low for a U.S. House election.

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  1. Demo Rep

    1. Obviously a rigged Elephant gerrymander district.

    2. Cost per vote — bad weather day in AL ???

    3. Candidate/incumbent replacement rank order lists
    – NO more special elections for legislators.

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