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Florida Libertarian Expected to be First Minor Party Nominee for Attorney General Since 1916

On December 12, the Florida Libertarian Party issued this press release, which says that the party expects to nominate Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General in its 2014 primary. Assuming he gets on the ballot, which is very likely, he will be the first minor party candidate for Attorney General to appear on the Florida ballot since 1916, when the Socialist Party ran A. D. Miller for that post. Miller received 7.96% of the vote.

Florida had such restrictive ballot access laws for minor parties between 1931 and 1999, there were almost no minor party candidates in Florida during those years for any office except President (the old Florida laws were easier for President than for other offices). The laws were hugely liberalized in 1999, but since then the only minor party candidates for statewide state office in Florida have been Max Linn, Reform Party gubernatorial candidate in 2006, and Ira Chester, Tea Party nominee for Agriculture Commissioner in 2010. In 2006, John Wayne Smith, who is a member of the Libertarian Party, got on the ballot for Governor as an independent candidate, but he was not the party nominee. For 2014, the Libertarians will also have a gubernatorial nominee; two individuals have announced their attention of winning the party’s 2014 primary for Governor.

6 Responses

  1. :-)

    w00t w00t. This is good. =D

  2. Jonathan

    too bad his name sounds like Lucifer and he looks like him too. what are the odds ?

  3. Wow. Not having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Wohlsifer runs rings around Bondi. Want more of the same? Keep doing what you’ve been doing.

    Want improvements in DC and Tally, then vote for Libertarians!!!

  4. George Whitfield

    I am glad that we will have a better choice in Florida next year now that Bill Wohlsifer is running as a Libertarian. I sent him a donation to help his campaign get started.

  5. Austin

    Small footnote: Peter Allen was on the ballot as the candidate of the Independence Party of Florida in 2010, running for governor — pulled about 2.3%.

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