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Hawaii Democrats Appeal Open Primary Case

On December 12, the Hawaii Democratic Party filed a notice of appeal in Democratic Party of Hawaii v Nago, the case over whether the party can close its primary so that only party members can vote in its primary. The U.S. District Court had upheld the open primary on the grounds that the party had not proved that the open primary results in non-members voting in its primary, or that if non-members do vote in its primary, that the party hasn’t showed this harms the party.

In the Ninth Circuit, it is case 13-17545.

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  1. Demo Rep

    What Century will the SCOTUS MORONS detect that political FACTIONS have ZERO ballot access *rights* ???

    i.e. equal ballot access PUBLIC L-A-W-S regarding individual ELECTORS regarding PUBLIC nominations of candidates for PUBLIC offices –

    IF primaries, then all Electors vote (top 2 primary areas) or some Electors vote (in party gangs or not in party gangs with or without independent voters) according to such equal LAWS.

    But NO primaries are needed or wanted -
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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