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Hawaii Libertarian Party Virtually Back on Ballot

The Hawaii Libertarian Party has been told by the State Elections Office that it has 705 valid signatures, on its petition to restore its party status. The law requires 706 signatures. The party has several hundred more signatures not turned in yet, so obviously it has enough valid signatures.

Nationally, the Libertarian Party has completed three statewide petitions for ballot access during 2013: Hawaii, North Dakota, and Arkansas. Whether it is still on in Ohio depends on the outcome of its lawsuit, which will probably be decided in January. Counting Ohio and Hawaii, the party is now on the ballot in 32 states and the District of Columbia. Four years ago (at the end of December 2009), it was on in 29 states.

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  1. Tom

    Where does the Green Party stand now compared to 2009?

  2. At the end of 2009 it was on in 16 states plus DC. Now it’s on in 19 states plus DC, but with no guarantee that it will be able to retain in Ohio. If the New Mexico Constitution Party wins its ballot access lawsuit, that will also put the Greens back on in New Mexico, which would be one more.

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