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Joe T. May Qualifies for Ballot in Special Virginia State Senate Election; Three-Way Race Set

Joe T. May has qualified for the special Virginia State Senate election, 33rd district, in Loudoun County. He is running as an independent, even though he was elected to the House in 2011 as a Republican. May needed 250 valid signatures and submitted 843. This special election will determine which major party controls the State Senate. See this story. The election is on January 21.

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  1. This is simply another power grab, the same business as usual strategy being taken by pluralists. There’s no difference between a power-grabbing pluralist whether they be D, R, I, L or G.

    Do you want truly representative government, unifying fair and equal elections? Try pure proportional representation (PR)! The 9th USA Parliament has been using it for 18 consecutive years and it works great!


  2. http://www.votejoinrun.us/
    The Independent Green Party of Virginia petitioned to get Joe May on the ballot, endorsed/nominated him.
    Joe May Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee makes ballot for State Senate Election

    “Joe May is on the ballot!!!” Joseph P. Oddo State Chairman Independent Green Party.

    The Virginia State Board of Elections has confirmed that Joe May has made the ballot.

    Joe May, U.S. Army veteran, veteran state legislator, successful businessman, engineer, husband, father, grandfather, and now Independent Green party endorsee/nominee for Virginia state senate.

    The Independent Green Party endorsee left his previous party in early December 2013.

    Long before becoming the Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee Joe May graduated as an engineer from Virginia Tech. The successful Independent Green Party endorsee, businessman Joe May and his wife Bobby May founded Electronic Instrumentation and Technology (EIT) in 1997. Today EIT empoys 300 people in Sterling, Virginia.

    The Independent Green Party salutes delegate Joe May’s 20 years of service in the Virginia House of Delegates. Independent Greens know Joe May has the experience, and knowledge of transportation policy, and the budget after serving as Transportation Committee Chairman in the House of Delegates.

    “We need More Trains, Less Traffic. Rail saves lives. Rail grows the economy.” Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Green Party Vice Chair.

    “Joe May in the State Senate, and an Independent Green Party endorsee/nominee can help us grow Virginia’s economy with rail jobs, solar jobs, geothermal jobs, and wind jobs.” added Gail for Rail, U.S. Air Force retired officer.

    Joe May is the perfect fit for Virginia and the “More Trains, Less Traffic” Independent Green Party. Joe May engineering success includes many patents. Joe May patented an instrument to measure the curvature of railroad trackes. This is sandard in today’s railroad industry.

    Prior to becoming the Independent Green Party endorsee Joe May in 2009 was inducted into Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering Academy of Engineering Excellence. Joe May is one of only 90 engineers so honored. That is out of an engineering alumni of more than 50,000.

    Joe May’s sterling record matches the Independent Green Party. Delegate Joe May was named Legislator of the Year by the Virginia Soil, and Water Conservation Districts, the Virginia Cable and Telecommunications Association, the Virginia Biotechnology Association and Virginia Transit! All near and dear to the heart of the Independent Green Party.

    The Independent Green Party has frequently embrached, invited them to join, and nominated leading, well known Virginia politicos before. Independent Greens nominated the youngest elected, and longest serving Speaker of the House of Delegates, Tom Moss of Norfolk as an Independent Green Party candidate – after Speaker Moss left his former party.

    Independent Green Party nominated Tom Moss went on to be re-elected as Treasurer in Norfolk.

    After the hard work of petitioning to get More Trains, Less Traffic advocate Joe May on the ballot for state senate, the Independent Green Party celebrates this Joe May success.

    Independent Green Party central committee member Janet Murphy, “We look forward to working shoulder to shoulder on the campaign to elect a rail advocate, Joe May to the state Senate on January 21, 2014!”

    Terry Modglin, Independent Green Party Fairfax County leader, “Joe May and the Independent Green Party are a winning combination!”

    See the Independent Green Party video congrats to Joe May for making the ballot here in English.


    Independent Green Party video congrats to Joe May for making the ballot here in Spanish


    Joe May for More Trains, Less Traffic!

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