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Two California 2014 Gubernatorial Polls

Recently, two polls were released for the California June 2014 gubernatorial primary. The PPIC poll shows: Democrat Jerry Brown 47%, Republican Tim Donnelly 16%, Republican Abel Maldonado 7%, someone else (volunteered) 1%, undecided 29%. Scroll down to page 12 for these results.

However, a Field poll shows: Democrat Jerry Brown 58%, Republican Abel Maldonado 11%, Republican Tim Donnelly 9%, Republican Neel Kashkari 3%, undecided 25%.

Cindy Sheehan and Luis Rodriguez are also running for California Governor, but the pollsters did not include them. Sheehan will have the “Peace & Freedom” label, and Rodriguez the “Green” label. As most readers know, California has the top-two system, and only the two candidates who place first and second can run in the election itself.

3 Responses

  1. Demo Rep

    NO primaries – producing only extremist hacks.

    P.R. legislative bodies.
    Nonpartisan App.V. – executive/judicial offices.

    Otherwise – get ready for Civil W-A-R II — due to the powermad robot party hacks — esp. in top executive offices with their tyrant agendas and total contempt for legislative bodies — think Stalin and Hitler.

  2. Jeff Daiell

    Joy Waymire is running as an Independent, I believe.


  3. Tom Yager

    I’d love to see Abel Maldonado lose under his precious Top Two primary that is supposed to free elections from the grips of those Evil Extremist Party Bosses, especially after he won the Boss-Controlled Primary of 2010.

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