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Washington Times Editorial Says Rob Sarvis was a “Rump Republican” Who “Siphoned” Republican Votes in Virginia Gubernatorial Race

The Washington Times has this editorial, criticizing Joe T. May for running as an independent candidate in an upcoming special State Senate election. The Times asserts that May is injuring the Republican nominee. The editorial also goes on to say that the Libertarian nominee for Governor of Virginia last month, Rob Sarvis, was a “rump Republican” who “siphoned” Republican votes so that the Democrat won the election. That assertion is rebutted by the exit polls.

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  1. Jeff Daiell

    The data show otherwise.

    Jeff D.

  2. Joshua H.

    Well, I just left them a rather scathing comment. As a Journalism major in college, stuff like this really ticks me off. Editorial or not, it’s a massive violation of the SPJ Code, particularly since the author is listed as the Washington Times itself. If we are to ensure that our country remains relatively free, the press can’t be writing stuff like that which tries to get voters to dismiss alternative candidates without even considering their merits. That’s simply not conductive to the freedom of a nation. I’m sure most rational people can see the results of the Democratic and Republican Parties’ largely unchallenged and increasing entrenchment in positions of power over the last sixty three years.
    People have to look at this from a rational point of view, not a factional or fearful one, and this WT editorial’s doing just the opposite.

  3. DSZ

    Washington Times…what a rag. I don’t understand why Republicans don’t view candidates like Joe May more favorably at least on occasion. I would think they would at least be happy that someone besides the opposing major party could win the seat.

  4. Demo Rep

    What percentage of folks LIE to the MORON exit pollsters (to be politically correct for a second) ???

  5. Yes. The data absolutely show otherwise. In the just concluded Virginia Governor race polling clearly showed Sarvis voters came most often from people who would have voted for the person who WAS elected.

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