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Virginia Bill for Party Labels for Partisan County Office Advances

On January 20, a subcommittee of the Virginia House Privileges and Elections Committee passed HB 645. This is the bill to provide for party labels on the general election ballot, for partisan county offices. The vote was 4-3.

2 Responses

  1. Tom Yager

    HB 645 makes a lot of sense. These offices are partisan, in that there are state-funded party primaries to determine general election candidates. The State Board of Elections carries the party label of the general election candidates on their website, but there are no labels on the ballot.

  2. This could be very bad news for Independent Green Party candidates, who are federal employees.

    The Hatch Act allows federal employees to run in local non partisan races as independents.

    Hundreds of Independent Green Party candidates, who are also federal employees, have run in these local races, as Independents.

    It will be up to the lawyers to decide, if this law goes through, if federal workers would still be permitted under the Hatch Act to run for these offices.

    The spirit of the Hatch Act is clear. Yes, federal workers should be able to run for local office. But this new twist may create a legal question for many Independent Green Party candidates in Virginia.

    Thank you for the story.

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