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Arizona Bill to Expand Funding Source for Public Financing of Campaigns

Arizona Representative John Kavnagh (R-Fountain Hills) has introduced HB 2651, which adds a new funding source for the state’s public funding of campaigns program, and which adds some more uses for the program. Here is the text of the bill.

The bill restores an option on the state income tax form for a taxpayer to send $5 to the public funding program. The money would come from the state treasury, not from the taxpayer. The extra money would be used for: (1) new vote-counting equipment; (2) adding 250-word candidate statements to the web page of the agency that runs the public funding program, and pictures of the candidate; (3) paying for state officeholders to send mailings to constituents, although not during the period 90 days before the primary and 90 days before the general election. The provision for candidate statements includes congressional candidates.

2 Responses

  1. Now the Arizona can go back to its main work: letting everyone on the East and West Coasts know how stupid the people in the state are and providing material for late-night comedy TV shows.

    You can’t spell “crazy” without R-AZ.

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