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New North Carolina U.S. Senate Poll

On June 17, Public Policy Polling released a U.S. Senate poll for North Carolina. The results: Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan 39%, Republican Thom Tillis 34%, Libertarian Sean Haugh 11%, undecided 16%. See here for more details. A supplemental question asks about support for the major party candidates if the Libertarian were not in the race, and it shows that Haugh’s showing is not altering the outcome.

3 Responses

  1. David Gillespie

    Interesting poll. The Libertarian is now far ahead of the distance between the D and the R. Whoever wins (if it is a D or and R), someone will blame the L for “spoiling the election.” And so it goes.

  2. They always do, regardless of the outcome, as long as their is an alternative party candidate present sadly. I hope he continues to build support and make it a real race between three candidates.

  3. TruFoe

    I’m going to vote for OOTA – “one of the above” – and let the board of elections figure out which one I voted for.

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