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Siena Poll for New York Gubernatorial Race Shows Howie Hawkins, Green Party Nominee, at 11% in Upstate New York

On July 21, Sienna College Research Institute released a poll for the New York gubernatorial race, and other statewide races. For Governor, the poll separates respondents by many variables, including region. The poll shows that Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee, is receiving 11% in upstate New York, but 2% in New York city and 3% in the New York city suburban counties. See the details here; scroll down to question 36.

The results are somewhat similar to the actual election returns in Illinois in 2006, when Green Party nominee Richard Whitney received 11.6% of the vote in downstate Illinois, but 8.3% in Cook County. In both cases, Greens had less support in the large metropolitan center than in other parts of the state.

The new New York poll shows these statewide results: Democrat Andrew Cuomo 60%, Republican Rob Astorino 23%, Hawkins 6%, undecided 11%. There will probably be a Libertarian gubernatorial nominee on the ballot as well, but the poll did not mention any other candidates. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.

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  1. Joshua H.

    The union vote is interesting as well. Though small in total support, Howie’s got the best ratio, 2 to 1 in favor. Cuomo actually has less than 1 to 1. There might be a little bit of a revolt going on within the WFP and other normally pro-Democratic groups, and if that turns out to be the case, Howie will likely get at least 5% of the vote.

    • Joshua H.

      Ehh…never mind this comment, I misread the context of the union section of the poll questions. It was asking whether the person being polled was living in a union household or not. Just a fit of stupidity on my part.

  2. Demo Rep

    NO primaries.

    NONPARTISAN Approval Voting for all elected executive officers and all judges – pending Condorcet Head to Head math.

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